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Pavement Asset Management

Since 1987, Pavement Design has been a nationwide leader in pavement and asphalt asset management.  Pavement Design strives to deliver outstanding results for you and your company through extensive planning, including detailed budgeting, of your parking areas and roadway systems.

We can increase managing efficiency and reduce long-term pavement expenditures through accurate paving project management.

Pavement Strategic Budgeting

Provide a 10 year strategic budgeting plan to eliminate safety hazards, increase efficiency, and reducing long-term expenditures.

Full Site Evaluations

Visually examine and evaluate the condition of the paved areas, recorded and detailed measurements with satellite imaging, identify safety hazards, pictures, and provide recommendations for future construction.

Pavement Bid Services

Making uniformity a priority to ensure that each job is bid out correctly and accurately.

Record Retention

The ability to have the work performed history retained and allowing us to know your property.

Our Services

  • Pavement Evaluations
  • Pavement Strategic Budgeting
  • Pavement Bid Services
  • Pavement Construction Management
  • Record Retention


With over 70 years in the industry, see how our experts can protect your investment and provide detailed plan to ensure the well-being of the pavement and concrete.

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